April Sips By Box

If anyone would have told me a few months ago that I would be home in isolation, that the economy would be crashing, that people are dying, that a sickness was sweeping the nation I would have asked what movie that is from.  It has been overwhelming honestly to tackle the demands of being mom, homeschooling and all the other things that home isolation brings.  That is why when I get a package in the mail like my Sips By box I get a little excited.  This box is a little brightness in the chaos of my day.

Not only did this month's box come at a perfect time but the box was filled with some awesome teas.  If you are not aware Sips By offers a tea subscription service that is customized to your own individual tea preferences.  The teas are from brands that I have heard of in the past but also from brands I have never heard of before.  This is an awesome way for both the tea newbie and the tea pro alike to enjoy and discover new teas and tea companies.    If you are interested in checking the box you can do so here .  If you click the link you get $5 off your first box and I get points towards future boxes.

The first item in the box is a card that describes a bit about each of the teas.  There is also a special code for each tea that gives different money off savings if I decide to purchase the teas in greater quantities.  The offers are normally great.  My only issue is that I keep getting Davids Tea items in my box however the code is always the same and can only ever be redeemed once.  I find this a bit aggravating.  I feel like the code should be unique to the box and that way I could use that incentive if I have Davids Tea in the box.

The next item in the box is a nice reusable muslin cinch bag that can be used to steep the tea.  Inside the bag are some cinch disposable bags as well.  This is great because it means that everything you need to enjoy a great cup of tea are right in the box.

My first tea this month is Peach Matcha from David's Tea.  This matcha is sweetened but has a nice peach flavor.  I already have this tea in my collection and do enjoy it.  You can find this tea here: 

The next tea is Orange Lemonade from Tealyra.  I have only tried one other tea from Tealyra so I was pretty excited to try something else from them.  This is a fruity blend of apple, carrot, blackberry and eucalyptus leaves, beetroot, hibiscus, lemon grass, tangerine and orange slices.  This is a lovely herbal that would be especially enjoyable iced on a hot day.  Check it out here

Next up is a tea from Healthy Teas.  I have never heard of this company before so I was pretty excited to try their tea called Spice.  This is an herbal blend of cinnamon, ginger, turmeric and clove.  I found it had a really nice spice.  It was pleasant on its own, the turmeric was certainly a standout flavor.  I think this would actually be great mixed in with a black tea to give it a bit more body.  Check out this tea here

The last tea is probably my favorite of the bunch.  It is French Breakfast from Fava Tea.  This is a black tea with cran-raisins, pineapple, safflowers, calendula petals, white cornflowers and flavor.  Even though there isn't any maple listed (unless it is in flavor) I really thought it tasted like maple.  The fruit provides a sweetness.  I think that this would make an amazing latte too!

So there you have it, all the teas that are helping to take my mind off the current Corona situation.  I can't recommend Sips By enough.  I have gotten the box for several years now and plan to continue getting it because I love it so much!  Check out my video below too!

So tell me, do you get Sips By or do you subscribe to any other tea boxes?  Leave a comment below!

Until next time,
Happy Sipping!
XO Tea Leaf Project XO


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