DAVIDsTEA Sip of Sage

On my last highpointing quest I stayed the night in Indianapolis.  We found a new hotel adjacent to the Fashion Mall at Keystone.  This is a fantastic mall with all my favorite stores (DAVIDsTEA, Lush, Athleta, Anthropologie, I even got to test out the Peloton bike I really want) so I was super excited to walk around.  I ended up at DAVIDsTEA and picked up just a few goodies.  There were several teas that I hadn't tried, one of which was Sip of Sage.  This tea smelled wonderful so I purchased just a small amount to try.  It is a lofty tea so .7 ounces actually gave me a lot.  The tea smelled like spearmint gum and I was so excited to try it, however I had some highpoints to visit so I couldn't try the tea until I got back home.  More to come on those highpoint teatime adventures!

Sip of Sage is a blend of green tea, spearmint, green tea scented with jasmine flowers, sage leaves, rose petals, marigold flowers and natural spearmint flavoring.  The description indicates that the tea is a "perfect balance of spearmint, jasmine and sage."  I love when traditionally savory components are added to teas such as rosemary, basil or sage.  For this reason I was especially interested in trying this tea.  The dry leaf smells like spearmint gum.

 I steeped this up at 175 degrees for 2 minutes (my standard green tea preparation).  I love this tea, but, I love it because it is a smooth spearmint tea.  Unfortunately the jasmine and sage were masked by the strong spearmint.  I could get a small hint of sage if I really focused in on that flavor but for all purposes this is a spearmint tea.  I love it but had hoped that the jasmine and sage would be stronger. 

I think this is a great tea for those that are not perhaps used to green teas as this gets your green tea antioxidants in without the green tea taste.  I do recommend this to someone looking for a nice smooth mint tea, perhaps as an after dinner tea. 

Have you tried Sip of Sage?  Leave a comment below!

Until next time, keep on steeping!



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