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Time gets away so quickly doesn't it!  I didn't realize it has been so long since I wrote on my tea blog.  This is so sad as I love to write!  I have had various blogs throughout the years, one devoted to makeup, one for nails, I even wrote some freelance items for an online site.  Long story short, I must be more frequent with my posts! 

Today I want to talk about my new tea obsession, T2.  I have been aware of the company for some time now but never ordered as their shipping was a bit expensive.  They are an Australian tea company that has opened a few locations in the US.  It was only when I started reading more about them that I realized there was a T2 counter right in downtown Chicago in the Bloomingdales Medinah Temple building.

First, a bit about this building in case you ever find yourself in Chicago!  This building is simply beautiful.  It was built in 1912 and originally was an auditorium.  It is an example of Moorish Revival complete with domes and decorative ornamentation.  The building is a feast for the eyes!
You can see the Medinah Building on the right of the photo.  We ate at one of my favorite Chicago restaurants, Quartino, and you can see the Medinah building right from the window.

Once inside though one is greeted by an entirely different feast, a feast of every type of house ware item imaginable!  I can spend hours inside this place!  But, nestled in between the pressure cookers and pans is the T2 counter.  This is a sizable counter with a wall of tea varieties and a table with teaware stacked so precariously that an ill placed bump of the table would send it all tumbling down.

I feel that T2 has the same sort of trendy vibe that Davids Tea does.  They are producing seasonal and unique tea blends, some amazing straight teas and beautiful tea ware that keeps people coming back for more. It has a cult following!  The day of my visit I purchased one of their tea flasks (keeps tea warm for hours on end) along with a variety of teas.  The counter also accepts Bloomingdales gift cards too!  I can only imagine what the full-sized stores in New York must be like because the Chicago counter is fantastic.  Also they offer their "fill up Fridays" where if you bring in your tea flask they will fill it up for free!

 I purchased several T2 teas since my initial visit to the counter and wow, I have not been let down yet.  One of my favorite teas is their Girlie Grey, a traditional Earl Grey but with the addition of orange and lemon.  This is perhaps one of my teas period from any company.  And, the tea flask works so well, keeps my tea steaming hot for hours on end!   I simply can't say enough good things about this company.   I feel that in the wake of the great Teavana closure there is an emptiness left within tea-loving hearts.  T2 has easily swooped in and filled that void for me.  I can't recommend them enough!  It is quickly becoming my favorite tea company!  I highly suggest checking them out.  Also, Nordstrom was selling their teas online but have marked them down as I suspect they are no longer going to sell the product.  I would check out the site as they have some amazing deals including a tea flask with tea for something like $30, what a steal!  And, T2 offers free ship evens pretty regularly so I would sign up for the email to stay informed.  When you sign up for the email you also get a one time code for free shipping on any order!  I have been so happy with them and I think that you will be too!

Happy Sipping,



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