DAVIDsTEA Butterfly Jasmine Tea

Today I am reviewing a more expensive offering from Davids Tea, Butterfly Jasmine Tea.  It retails for $24.98 for 2 ounces.  I was able to pick up my Butterfly Jasmine through the Frequent Steeper redemption program.  Basically points are earned for each dollar spent and when one reachs 100 points it is redeemable for 2 oz of tea.  Up until the new period starting July 4th one could redeem for any tea on the tea wall.  With the new redemption period teas will be capped.  This means that the more expensive teas like Butterfly Jasmine will no longer be an option for redemption unfortunately.  I do like the fact that Teavana still allows me to choose any tea from the wall, although it is only redeemable for 1 oz instead of 2.  But, I digress, on to the review!!

The Ingredients:  Chinese green tea from Fujian Province, scented with jasmine flowers

The Dry Leaves:  The tea is just beautiful!  The tea leaves are hand twisted to look like a small butterfly.  

The Smell:  The dry tea has a very jasmine smell with a hint of grassy green tea

The Taste:  This tea was excellent.  I am not a huge fan of jasmine teas, I find the perfume quality just too much for me.  I like jasmine to be very subtle and in this tea it is subtle.  There is the most delicate hint of jasmine with an equally mellow green tea.  I have honestly had this in my cabinet for months now and just didn't want to ever try it.  It was so unexpected that I loved this one!

The Verdict:  This is a fantastic tea worth the splurge!

Until next time!

Happy Steeping!


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