New Year, New Initiatives and New Teas!

Here were are in 2020!  I can't believe that another decade has flown by for me.  The last decade was certainly the decade of tea for me and was where I really started my tea journey.  Never in my wildest dreams did I think that tea would be able to connect me with so many people.  I have made many tea friends and have learned so much along the way.  Hopefully I will continue my tea journey in this new decade.  As such I really want to focus on the blog more and make that a priority.  I love writing, always have.  Over the years I have written several blogs, most of them were beauty based.
Also, I have so many books that I have started writing and then abandon the project to write something else.   I always have secretly dreamed of writing the next big blockbuster book and I hold on to that dream and believe that one day it will happen!  I have also contemplated writing a book about tea and all the things I have learned along my tea journey.  We will see, lots of ideas!!!!

I was asked by someone if writing would be one of my new year's resolutions.  So many folks decide to start resolutions the first of each year.  I don't like the term resolution as I feel that puts pressure on me to stick to the resolution and if I don't I feel like a failure.  Instead of resolutions I prefer to call them "intended initiatives."  These are changes that I "intend" to "initiate" in the new year.  If they don't come to fruition so be it.   One of my intended initiatives for 2020 is to write more.  I am passionate about writing and love it.  Often times in this rushed world it is hard to find time to sit down and actually do the things that we enjoy.  I know for me personally when I have down time I end up wanting to catch up on all the social media outlets and see what my family, friends and the world are doing.   I realize that in order to continue to pursue my passions I must make time for them, plain and simple.  So my initiative is to blog in the early morning when I have a small window of time to actually think and write in peace before my 4 and 5 year olds get up.

Another initiative for the blog is to incorporate blogging about my highpoint experiences.  My family and I have started the hobby of traveling to the highpoint in different states.  I happened to have my tea thermos with me on the first highpoint and my son snapped a photo of me sipping at the top of Illinois, literally!  From then on it just fell into place that I would have my "highpoint teatime" on the top of each highpoint.  I see other folks do different sorts of highpoint traditions like planking on the highpoint or holding up a sign.  So I figured I would start a tradition of having a cuppa on the top of each state we visit.

My First Highpoint Teatime at Charles Mound, the highest point in Illinois.

I hope that you will join me and read along with my tea and highpoint adventures!


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